High-fidelity Sound

Ultra-low Latency

After the efforts of the acoustics team of Ceramics, iucluding tuning ingeniously, tweaking the triple frequency ratio a thousands times, using the equal sound curve tuning technology, adopting the full-size DLC diaphragm unit and the 15mW high-power chip, Ceramics could bring the sound quality of thousand-yuan flagship for you, which is sweet to the ears.

The flagship chip of Actions has been adopted by Ceramics, which is the basic guarantee of ultra-low latency, making the latency can be as low as 60ms in the game mode. Thus, even in the intense FPS games, you can respond quickly and control the battlefield easily.

  • Reassuring Service

    One-year warranty service.

  • Ultra-low Latency

    60ms ultra-low latency, provides you with extreme game experience.

  • DLC Diaphragmunit

    Full-size figship dynamic drivers unit

Gaming and sound quality

Both are indispensable


North Forest properly pairs leather with velvet on earmuffs,meanwhile,accompanying with aviation-grade aluminum alloy,provides you with wonderful game enjoyment.

Unique edge design enables our North Forest to do better in resolution than other ordinary headsets.

North Forest provides you with all details needed,no matter in the game,pop.or classical music.

About This Item

  • Unique ergonomic-matched head beam,highly comfortable for wearing

  • Velvet earmuffs,long-lasting enjoyment

  • High-quality leather material,soft and skin-friendly


Listen to what Big V has to say
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    In the face of the ongoing battle in the $100 market, Weakwater attacks with its own popular tuning, which I have always been good at. After listening to it, I can feel that it will be well received by many consumers, and its superior design will also help the Aurora evo to be discovered by more consumers。

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    f you are a regular qt9 user, or, you want to buy a good appearance level, the sound of the ear, with the typical level of the popular vocal headphones, then I think qtx is very recommended.

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    • remove ruoshui outside of my popular repertoire,qtx also has a lot of fun playing songs that require lines, such as mini compilation andacg. overall, qtx is the broadest plug in the weak water family, and it also has a fairly high strike rate for its price.